DynaPier LLC Manufactures the Strongest Foundation Pier in the Industry

About DynaPier LLC

DynaPier Foundation Pier Segements

DynaPier® was established to offer a revolutionary new technology in foundation repair. The patented DynaPier® system was engineered to eliminate the weaknesses of the other pier systems on the market. It was designed to be incredibly strong, easy to install, and provide superior structural integrity as compared to anything else currently offered in the industry.

Laboratory Tested

The DynaPier® System consists of tubular steel segments filled with high-strength concrete and interlock for superior structural integrity. The DynaPier® System is a unique patented design. Independent laboratories have tested the structural capacity of the pier segments to assure that the system can provide superior structural integrity.

Technical Specifications

DynaPier® segments are comprised of 8 gauge steel tubing. We offer both black steel and powder coated options. The tubing is coated inside and out for maximum corrosion protection. The steel pier segments are pre-cast with a 8,800 psi concrete mix. Segments that have fully cured can withstand compressive loads in excess of 75 tons.

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