DynaPier® Compared to the Drilled Concrete Pier

Discover the Benefits of the DynaPier® Compared to the Concrete Piling Pier

When compared to any other pier on the market the DynaPier® has the edge in engineering, strength and durability. We compare our DynaPier® to a drilled concrete pier. The drilled concrete pier is a fairly common pier used in the industry. These piers are low-end and do not offer a permanent, long-term solution. Let's take a closer look at them.

Pier Comparison

  • The DynaPier® is constructed of .217 steel pipe filled with high-strength concrete giving it extreme strength. The drilled concrete pier is only constructed of concrete.
  • The DynaPier® is concentrically loaded meaning that loads are transferred through a single vertical axis which alleviates any fail points. The angle of the shaft on a drilled concrete pier is not completely vertical, which compromises durability.
  • The piers in the DynaPier® system are pressed all the way to bedrock or the point of resistance. Drilled concrete piers are drilled to a fixed depth, not the correct depth. Our piers are driven until they are unable to be driven any further, this guarantees stability. The main difference is this, drilled concrete piers are friction piers meaning they rely on the soil to create friction and press against them to hold them in place. Soil shrinks and expands depending on weather conditions, which will cause them to fail.
  • Drilled concrete piers require a long project time. To start the holes will be drilled, then the concrete poured. Next the concrete needs to dry for a week or longer in order to cure and raise the house. DynaPier® piers do not require any additional time for concrete to dry, rather they are ready to be installed immediately.
  • The DynaPier® system does not require large excavating equipment fo install the piers, which makes for a cleaner job site and one that is less likely to cause property damage. The drilled concrete piers typically uses large excavating equipment which is invasive to the homeowner's property.

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