DynaPier® Compared to the Offset Steel Pier

Discover the Benefits of the DynaPier® Compared to the Offset Steel Pier

The DynaPier was engineered to be the strongest foundation pier available. We have tested our piers against every commong pier on the market and the results are the same, the DynaPier far exceeds other piers in stregnth, durability and longevity. The offset steel pier is a pier that is common among foundation repair companies. Let's take a look at the side by side comparison.

Pier Comparison

  • The DynaPier® is constructed of .217 steel tubing that is filled with high-strength concrete, allowing for superior strength. Offset steel piers have hollow steel tubing and only use steel in their construction which is not nearly as strong as the DynaPier.
  • The DynaPier® is concentrically loaded which means it is placed directly underneath the foundation which allows loads to be transferred through a single axis, alleviating any fail points. The offset steel pier is installed on the side of the footing rather than underneath, therefore structural loads do not transfer directly onto the pier. This makes the spot directly under the bracket vulnerable to breaking under pressure.
  • The offset steel pier has a steel bracket with up to a four inch offset which makes them vulnerable to buckling directly beneath the bracket.
  • The majority of foundation repair companies that use the offset steel pier need to use large excavating equipment to install their piers. This requires more money which translates to an increase in their pier pricing. It also increases the chance of damaging a property. The DynaPier does not require any large excavating equipment to install our piers, which means companies don't need to purchase expensive equipment. This allows for a more competitive price per pier, as well as a decrease in chance for property damage.

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