What Makes the DynaPier™ Foundation Piers & Piering System So Strong?

The DynaPier® System

DynaPier® Foundation Pier DiagramOur interlocking, patented DynaPier® segments are comprised of high-strength concrete that is pre-cast in a powder coated steel sleeve which resists corrosion, while providing superior shear strength and compressive resistance as proven by independent testing labs. The outer casing is filled with a concrete core, and cured for maximum hardness. The DynaPier® segments are hydraulically driven into the ground one at a time. After one DynaPier® segment is driven, another segment is connected to the foundation pier, and the process is repeated until the foundation pier hits bedrock or a dense strata of subsurface material. The foundation pier is then topped with a steel cap, and finally, the house is lifted and secured on the foundation pier. Learn more about the foundation pier installation process.

Quick Facts:

  • The pier is located centrally and directly beneath the foundation footing.
  • ALL parts are connected to form a monolithic pier.
  • ALL shims are contained within the pier cap.
  • Installation does not require removal or breaking of the footing; footing remains completely intact.

The result is a foundation that far exceeds the home's original structural integrity, making your foundation better than new.

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