Learn All the Reasons Why DynaPier is the Best Foundation Pier in the Industry

Why Is DynaPier the Best?

The DynaPier™ Pier Cap Installed Beneath the Footing

There is a lot of debate on what foundation pier is the best and what piering system is the strongest. At DynaPier LLC, we know that no one in the industry can match the superior strength of the DynaPier® foundation piering system. But what makes us so sure? After years of studying other foundation piers and watching them fail over time, we decided to develop the DynaPier® to be the strongest and most reliable foundation pier on the market. Our goal was to create a piering system that would revolutionize the foundation repair industry. We succeeded.

DynaPier Facts:

  • The DynaPier® is constructed of steel pipe filled with concrete making it an extremely strong. Most foundation piers are made of either concrete or steel. We combined both to create a super pier.
  • The DynaPier® is a concentrically loaded pier which means loads are transferred through a single vertical axis. This alleviates any fail points. Our system is installed centrally beneath the footing rather than outside of it, transferring the load directly on top of the foundation pier. Many common foundation piers do not work this way. For example, with the offset steel pier the load does not transfer directly onto the pier which means that the area underneath the brace is vulnerable to breaking. See the diagram above for more details.
  • The shims are contained within the pier cap which does not allow for any shifting when the soil expands and contracts.
  • The combination of our .217 pipe and 8,000 psi concrete gives our system extreme strength.
  • The piers are end-loaded and pressed all the way to bedrock or the point of resistance. Many common piers on the market are friction piers, meaning they rely on the soil to create the friction necessary to hold them in place. The problem with friction-based piering system is that when the soil expands and contracts due to the weather the piers will fail. The DynaPier® take the elements out of the equation.

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